Reverse the 80/20 rule to multiply your accounting firm’s profits

Most accountants spend over 80% of their time and resources on labour-intensive, time-consuming manual work for their least profitable clients. Successful accounting firms do the opposite. They invest 80% of their time and resources on providing high-value, high-ticket consulting services to the top 20% of their clients. This one shift in priorities allows them to generate 1000x to 10000x higher profits for their shareholders than regular accounting practices.

If you understand how shifting the focus of your services towards providing higher value to high-ticket clients can transform your business, you may be closer to unlocking a whole new level of financial results than you think. The one piece you may be missing is having the organisational and technical capabilities required to serve this top 20% of high-ticket clients. Fortunately, there is a process you can follow to acquire the cutting-edge capabilities of the big accounting firms and use your agility to your advantage to beat them at their own game.

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