The secret to unlimited capabilities

The most successful accounting firms have a secret asset. They use highly bespoke software crafted specifically for the way their business works. It pulls everything together, removes limitations and frees them to pursue much bigger goals – with power, confidence and speed.

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Reverse the 80/20 rule to multiply your accounting firm’s profits

Most accountants spend over 80% of their time and resources on labour-intensive, time-consuming manual work for their least profitable clients. Successful accounting firms do the opposite. They invest 80% of their time and resources on providing high-value, high-ticket consulting services to the top 20% of their clients. This one shift in priorities allows them to generate 1000x to 10000x higher profits for their shareholders than regular accounting practices.

The hidden asset yielding sky-high ROI for leading accounting firms

Today, there are two distinct types of accounting firms – labour-based and data-driven. They work in fundamentally different ways, target very different clients and post incomparable financial results. While the vast majority of accounting practices in the UK continue to be entirely labour-based, all of the big firms – and a new breed of small but ambitious enterprises are embracing a fully data-driven approach by building their own, proprietary software platforms, fine-tuned to their priorities. The ROI these pieces of intellectual property bring to their owners year after year is higher than any other asset class.

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