Bespoke software platforms for accountants and business owners

Does your accounting software do everything you need?

Manage all client data, bookkeeping and accounting in one place - plus any other feature you want, developed just for you.

  Connected to Companies House
  Connected to HMRC

MainRD is modern, bespoke accountig software that gives you full visibility & control over all client data, processes, regulations, deadlines and cash-flow, tailored to your specific business needs.

Do you have systems in place that make it effortless to surface the right client information at the right time, for all of your self-employed and business clients?

Do you have systems in place to regularly remind you and your clients when deadlines are approaching, giving you and them enough time to prepare?

Do you have a secure, regulations-compliant way of storing personal or sensitive information?

Are all client payments automatically credited into your bank account at the agreed schedule?

Do your clients have easy, on-demand access to their bookkeeping and accounting details?

Is it easy for your clients to provide you with the information you need at all times without paying you a visit or taking up your time?

Is all your client information always up-to-date with Companies House?

Do you have an easy way to keep track of how much time your staff spend on each client and to bill clients accordingly?

Are you and your clients well prepared for all upcoming regulatory changes in Making Tax Digital, Data Protection and Anti-Money Laundering?

Do you have access to all the tools and information to manage your accounting practice from any location on any device?

Are you confident that all your company and client information is stored safely and securely and can withstand the risks of human error, viruses, malicious attacks or disasters?

Accounting practice automation:

The MainRD Connected Accounting Platform

  • Keep all your client data always up to date with Companies House;
  • No more clumsy spreadsheets (data transition service included!);
  • Manage your staff, time-keeping, billing, letters of engagement;
  • Upload client transactions from on-line banking CSV files;
  • Unprecedented level of automation when reconciling transactions - saving you hours of tedious, error-prone work with each client;
  • MTD VAT report generation and on-line submission to HMRC;
  • GDPR-compliant handling of all personal data;
  • Secure storage of AML / KYC data for your clients;
  • Beautiful, timely reports with automated insight highlights for your clients;
  • Run your accounting practice from anywhere, using any device.

Unlimited clients; unlimited transactions; on-site consultation; training; manual transfer of all relevant spreadsheet data; bespoke feature development; unlimited e-mail and on-line support.

Manage all your client data and accounts in one safe place

One solution for small business accounting and big business growth

MTD-centric Digital Accounting

Embrace the benefits of Making Tax Digital for you and your clients.

Always available, easy to use

Feel the ease and power of working with software that evolves with your needs.

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence

No other product on the market can match this level of automation.

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MainRD Connected Accounting Platform

The most intelligent business tool in accounting.